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Neuroinflammation - booming 2014+


In 2014, the first books about neuroinflammation appear, and the first journals.

We: your guide to the top of neuroinflammation

We would like to be a GUIDE to you - you is INCLUDING patients and patient organisations! - to


Why is neuroinflammation suddenly so important?

1) formerly, quite from the outside, physicians have defined hundreds of illnesses with Latin words (varying from ME, Lyme, fibromyalgia to Parkinson) that , after more modern research , all appear to 'boil down' to one theme: NEURO inflammation - in combination to neuro immunology

2) formerly, the brains were seen as 'immune free' zone. In the whole body inflammation occurs, but not in the brains, 'because in brains no blood comes, due to the BBB - Blood Brain Barrier'. This seems not to be entirely true, and inflammation in the brains is far more difficult (and interesting) than somatic inflammation.

In the body somatic inflammation is to protect TISSUES, in the brain the main task is to protect NEURONS. And very often, in the brains it is better to have no inflammation at all, because all kinds of byproducts of neuroinflammation can induce neuro-degeneration (dysfunction and death of neurons)

3) science 'explodes' in neuroinflammation, due to worldwide cooperation of micro biologists, pharmaceutical and neuro-scientists, through a) public internet (scholar.google.com) b) uniform use of English for publication c) very advanced observation techniques, as single photon emmission and trace markers

4) a very important insight is of Medawar in 1948: 'Antigens within the brain do not elicit, but can succumb to an immune response'.

Graft survives in the brain, but is readily rejected upon putting a second graft under the skin of the same animal.
'This is consistent with the view that a lymphatic drainage system is required to create a state of immunity, but not necessary to enforce a response to it'

The reason was unknown to 2012: then it became clear that a vivid drainage of myelin epitopes and axonal antigens to the brain IS POSSIBLE, through CLN's, Cercival Lymph Nodes. So if a graft is present in the body as well as the brains, we now know HOW the immune reaction of the body gets into the brain as well if the brain enholds the same graft.

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